Tension, Pain, Injury, Limitations: When Things Go Wrong at the Piano

According to the research, 86% of all professional musicians complain of some playing related problems and countless piano students and professionals suffer from many of the following symptoms: * Tension * Pain​ * RSI * Ganglia * Carpal tunnel syndrome * Technical Limitations * Musical limitations There is help available, but first, why does this happen? There are three main issues: * The student is sitting at the wrong height (an easy fix) * The student has too much tension (maybe from overcurling, twisting or from stretching too much) * The fingers, hands and arms are not coordinated and there may be one or several breaks in the alignment. CORRECT SEAT HEIGHT Of the myriad of students that

Acoustic vs Digital Piano

Many students want to know whether to buy an acoustic or digital piano, so I thought I'd summarise my thoughts here. An acoustic piano has weighted keys - in other words it takes approximately 53 grams of weight to put down a key. There is also something called an escapement. You can find the escapement by slowly pushing a key down and feeling the point of friction (a little bump). This is where sound is made and it is approximately two-thirds of the way down the key. A digital piano almost always has weighted keys these days as well as many other functions such as different instruments, volume, metronome and sometimes fancy functions such as recording utilities, MIDI in and out, USB in and

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