A Model of Excellence: A Workshop for Teachers to Improve their Teaching and Performing Abilities

Being a "model of excellence" is the most important attribute that a good, no great, teacher can have. Students imitate both our good and our not so good habits, therefore we need to model excellent tone, excellent phrasing, excellent technique and excellent musicianship in our lessons. In short, we need to be a model of excellence. For instance, if you secretly feel like your fourth finger is weak or your octaves just don't "feel right", chances are your students feel the same way. Sorting these issues out in your own playing is like putting your mask on first. Once you've done that, then you can help others! Teachers who are interested in improving their skills are invited to participate i

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About Piano Pedagogues
Piano Pedagogues is the premier place where pianists and their teachers come to find resources and solutions on all things to do with piano pedagogy. Both Brenda Hunting and Anthony van den Broek are certified teachers of the Taubman Approach.
On this site, you will find:
  • resources to help create a healthy, fluent technique
  • solutions to difficult passages in the repertoire
  • articles and commentary on performance practice of previous musical eras
  • solutions to pain, injury, technical or musical limitations
  • resources to help you run a successful piano teaching business
  • a place where you can ask piano-related questions
  • and much more...
Together, Brenda Hunting and Anthony van den Broek share their decades of experience training pianists and piano teachers in pursuit of ease, virtuosity, outstanding musicianship and a life-long love of playing the piano.
We look forward to you exploring the blog, reading articles, asking questions, utilising our teaching resources and benefiting from our years of teaching and performing experience. Enjoy!

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