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October 7-8, 2017

Building a High Level Piano Technique from Beginner to Advanced Levels

A two day workshop at UNSW covering a range of topics including:


Principles of the Taubman Approach, Applying the Principles in Kabalevsky's Op 27, Teaching Good Technique From the Beginning, Causes and Solutions to Injury and Limitations and much more! Highlights and videos from the Sydney workshop are now available in our online store.

Piano Pedagogues

March 31, 2019

Preparing for Performance Exams

Amateur Performers Club, Kirribilli House

In this lecture/masterclass, Anthony van den Broek will cover various aspects of preparing for examinations including: addressing the syllabus guidelines, creating an authentic performance, playing with a wide expressive range, dealing with performance anxiety, what examiners are looking for, requirements for diploma level exams and more.

Anthony van den Broek

May 3, 2020

Online Pedagogy

Teaching in the online environment requires an adaptation of our teaching approach. This webinar, presented by Brenda Hunting, with guests Anna Lu and Caroline O'Toole, will focus on pedagogy principles for teaching young students, early childhood music, teaching in groups, and teaching theory to all ages. These pedagogical principles will be applicable both in online lessons and in your studio. There will also be a segment on what to do when technology lets you down. 

Queensland Music Teachers' Association

Brenda Hunting

September 15-16, 2019

From Beginner to Professional Pianist: ACT Keyboard Association, Canberra

The Taubman Approach. Anthony van den Broek will give private lessons and public lectures and masterclasses outlining the fundamentals of the Taubman Approach for Piano.

In these lectures, Anthony will focus on how teachers can successfully transition beginner students to intermediate and advanced repertoire.

Anthony van den Broek

March 31, 2019

Teaching Theory, History, General Knowledge and Aural Skills in Practical Lessons

In this lecture, Anthony demonstrates how it is possible to teach a wide range of musical skills and knowledge to our students in the practical lesson and shows how important a strong grasp of theoretical and aural skills are in musicians of all ages and abilities. Explores how to use each piece as a rich learning experience and shows how to develop a strong theoretical and aural basis for each student.

KCC Music Professional Development Group.

Anthony van den Broek

May 2, 2019

Discovering the Musical Clues in Baroque Music: Key, Character,  Ornamentation & Improvisation

In Baroque scores, very often the composer gives us limited clues to articulation, dynamic,phrasing and other performance choices. In this lecture and demonstration, Anthony shows teachers how to search for the musical clues in order to make historically informed choices and stylish performances.


KCC Music Professional Development Group

Anthony van den Broek

April 16, 2020

Teaching Live Online Lessons

Live online teaching is a new and rapidly growing area of interest among piano (and other instrumental) teachers. This workshop will provide an overview of the benefits and opportunities this type of teaching creates and why you might like to try it. We will cover the basic equipment requirements and set up information, which programs to use (there's more than just Skype!), how to deal with technical issues, what changes you may need to make to your teaching style, and more.

Queensland Music Teachers' Association

Brenda Hunting

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