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Applying Taubman principles in early-intermediate repertoire - Kabalevsky op 27

Kabalevsky's Thirty Children's Pieces Op 27 is a wonderful collection of pieces for students, with a

range of difficulty levels, making it a worthwhile addition to your students' personal library. I have already written in general terms about this collection (see previous post here) and am looking forward to presenting a great deal more detail about how you can apply Taubman principles to these pieces in our forthcoming workshops.

I have selected pieces across a range of grades and exam syllabuses for the workshop, and will step you through the healthy playing principles that you can start to add to your teaching of this repertoire immediately. These principles will help students to be able to play the repertoire more comfortably and reliably, with techniques for assisting memory, security and artistry as well.

In the course of preparing these pieces for the workshop, I discovered an error in the tables in my previous blog post. I have now altered the tables in that post to reflect accurate information. If you are relying on these tables for choosing exam repertoire for your students, please do check this carefully.

I'll also be presenting on using video to teach technique. I've presented on using video in the teaching studio in a number of different contexts in the past, but unlike previous presentations, this one will focus specifically on how the use of video in your teaching will enhance your teaching of technique.

There are only a few days left until our Sydney workshop. Please book soon to avoid disappointment!

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