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Webinar and Workshop: Zoom – Beyond the Basics. Sunday 24th May

In mid-March, instrumental teachers all around the world had to come to terms with teaching online, without almost no lead time to prepare themselves for such a major change. As some regions prepare to start easing lock-down restrictions, some teachers will be anxious to resume in-person lessons, but others may choose to continue teaching at least some of their students online.

Reasons for continuing online teaching are no doubt varied. I can see them becoming the norm for all teachers when a student or the teacher is unwell, removing the need for a make-up lesson in cases where the student or teacher are well enough for a lesson, but fear they may be infectious. Students who have to travel a long distance to their lessons may be very happy to continue having their lessons without having to travel. Now that teachers have become comfortable with the medium, they may also decide to look for students in different time zones, to fill up teaching slots that don’t suit local students.

Zoom seems to have become one of the more popular platforms for online teaching, due to its ease of use and attractive extras. The developers at Zoom have been very responsive to consumer demand and have made many improvements and additions to the software over the past few months. There have been many social media posts and videos about how to use Zoom and many teachers are, by now, finding their way around the platform. But there is much more to Zoom to help us take our online teaching to a new level.

On Sunday 24th May, I will be presenting two separate but related workshops. Both will step you through the optional extras that will make using the technology easier and provide many benefits to your teaching.

If you would like to get the information, join the Webinar at 11 am. If you would like hands-on help to make the most out of what Zoom has to offer, join the Interactive Workshop. (It's not necessary to attend both.)

Sunday 24th May, 11.00 AM. Webinar: Zoom - Beyond the Basics

This presentation will be more like a webinar, and will be conducted via a Zoom meeting. This will enable you to explore some of the menu options and tips in your own Zoom settings during the presentation. There will be time for Q and A via the chat function.

Sunday 24th May, 2.00 PM. Interactive Workshop: Zoom - Beyond the Basics

At 2.00 pm I will hold a 90-minute 'hands on' workshop, limited to five participants, where I will step you through all the advanced Zoom functions and help you to trouble-shoot as needed. With only five participants per session, all participants will receive group and individualised instruction to ensure that your Zoom software is optimised to provide the best audio and visual outcomes for online teaching.

If there is sufficient demand, I will open a second session at 4.00 pm.


Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Advanced screen sharing

  • Using the Annotation Tool

  • Keyboard shortcuts for common tasks

  • Shortcuts for changing webcams

  • Managing online recitals

  • More!

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