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Accessing Purchased Videos
Vimeo Account:
  1. Join Vimeo (if you haven't already): Go to, click on 'Join for Free' to create your free account and then log in.

    If you set up your account with a nickname, please email to let us know your name and your Vimeo name, so that we can give you access to the video.

  2. Go to and click the ‘follow’ button.
    Access is not immediate: we will receive an automated email letting us know that you have followed us. I will then need to follow your page and only then will I be able to give you access to the channel.

  3. Go to the video links in the email you receive from us and click 'follow' so that you can find them again easily. You can also go to (replace yourusername with your Vimeo username). 
Frequently Asked Questions

I joined Vimeo and followed your page, but I still can’t access the videos.

Make sure you are logged in to your Vimeo account. 

Once you have followed, we will add your name to the list of permissions on the videos you have purchased. You should have access to the links within 24 hours. 


I went to, but I can’t find the videos. 

The videos are private and therefore will not appear on the Vimeo home page. 

Once you have joined Vimeo and access has been granted, log in to your Vimeo account and use the links in the email you receive from us or go to: ‘’. 


I am unable to create a Vimeo account

There is apparently a rare glitch in Vimeo that causes this. Please contact us ( if this happens to you and we will step you through the process.

Please contact us if you have any problems with video access. 

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